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Truth or fiction?

By / 24 October 2008

A short movie review.

Disclaimer: Please do your own homework. Be careful with the ideas you allow to establish in your mind.  I’ve written this fairly open ended and used Wikipedia more than Jimmy Wales.

In no means do I endorse the views of the movie detailed below.

The red pill

On Monday night at the Southern Cross Bar out of curiosity I attended a public screening of “Wake Up Call! New World Order”, presented by a non-profit group called openUReyes.

The movie is presented in a number of parts linked together by their contribution to a New World Order conspiracy which is primarily discussed in the first part. Each part dealt could be considered a documentary on their own standing.

Before I start, I’d like point out that conspiracy theories based on the same ideas this movie presented have been around longer than you might think.

In 1797, a paper titled “Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies” was published, theorising on conspiracies involving an order of rulers above our elected leaders. You can in fact buy a copy of this off Amazon.com today. George Washington was sent a copy in 1798.

In 1903, 24-27 plagiarising paragraphs called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were published in Russian. Influential conspiracy theorists such as David Icke no doubt would be familiar with this text. I recommend you read Wikipedia’s entry specifically the “Structure & Theme” section as it has an excellent summary on how the Elders of Zion were supposed to take over the world, and most modern-day conspiracy theories follow the same step-by-step guide.

The Illuminati

The first section of the movie primarily deals with this central conspiracy – that a group of beings or families are pulling the strings of the world behind the scenes and orchestrating world events for their own purposes.

To achieve this, the movie claims a central banking system provides both the financial return and the means in which to create wealth for the elite rulers, or Illuminati.

One of the key groups the movie claims to be creating this New World Order is the Bilderberg Group, who are referenced in the context of secretive meetings and connections with apex political leaders.

Segments of “Wake Up Call” by John Nada & “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement” by Alex Jones were cut together to show the claimed link between the Rockefeller family, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve System – America’s central banking network. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, links to General Electric and shady business practices of JP Morgan (formerly Chase Bank) are presented.

Later in this part a short clip is shown from an interview with Ted Gunderson, a former high-ranking FBI agent, who states his belief in government conspiracies including Majestic-12, and mentions the well known and factually established ECHELON programme as an example.

Majestic-12 , or M12, is a code name for a group supposedly established to investigate UFO activity in 1947 after the Roswell incident by President Truman. Key documents dated from 1947 purported to prove the existence of Majestic-12 have been challenged on the basis that a typewriter able to use type Justification in the same manner was first made by IBM in 1962.

An obscure reference to a secret Colombia naming convention, e.g. the Colombia space shuttle, was mentioned, however I cannot find further information at this time.

Most convincingly, a secret Bilderberg handshake was caught on camera between two political leaders.

A Central Banking System

The Federal Reserve System was planned in 1910 at Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, in a highly-secretive meeting of top financiers. Wikipedia notes one-sixth of the world’s wealth was represented at this meeting. Paul Warburg is claimed as the father of the Federal Reserve System and extremely influential in foreign policy.

Charles Lindbergh (the famous aviator, and name benefactor for the dance known as “Lindy Hop”) became aware during this time of Rockefeller’s plans for the central banking system in the context of a one world government, and in 1913 he labelled the Federal Reserve Act “the worst legislative crime of the ages”. He has read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and his actions suggest he believed in a one world government conspiracy.

In 1933, the Gold Standard was removed from dollar bills and all Gold became the US Treasury’s. When a government removes the Gold Standard it allows them to print as much money as they want as it doesn’t have to be backed by gold. The movie claims this allowed the central banking system to create as much wealth as required for the elite rulers.

More sources are referenced, “Monopoly Men”, “The Capitalist Conspiracy” & “Zeitgeist”, James P. Tucker is cited as an important journalist covering events from Jekyll Island, and the Spotlight magazine noted.

North American Union

A modern day example is claimed as an example of one world government: the theoretical North American Union (NAU), a conglomerate of Canada, the USA & Mexico.

Obvious parallels were drawn between the NAU and the real-life EU. An African Union and Asia-Pacific Union were suggested as likely to form key elements of a one world government.

Leaders of all three nations have denied the existence of a NAU. The African Union has existed since July 9, 2002, and the European Union since February 7, 1992.

For more, see: “Turning of the Tide” by David Icke.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a camping venue in California and claimed to be the site of bizarre rituals involving top political leaders such as US Presidents and British Prime Ministers thoroughout the decades.

Undercover footage of a night-time meeting was shown involving an evil-sounding voice, red floodlights and a burning altar cum theatre featuring a prominent owl.

This ritual dating from 1893, actually called the Cremation of Care, was claimed to be a secretive (even Satanic) worship of a higher being by political leaders ruling our countries. The non-fiction book Theatre West by Dunbar Ogden discusses this ceremony and explains the source of the ceremony being an awareness of the mythology surrounding the Bohemian Club meetings – rather than the other way around.

Alex Jones of www.infowars.com, who produced “The Order of Death”, interviewed an executive about the Bohemian Grove rituals who became defensive when intensely questioned by Alex.

The owl is publicly recognised as a mascot of Bohemian Grove meetings, symbolising knowledge, according to Wikipedia.

US $1 Bill

The US one-dollar note is discussed for it’s symbolism of a New World Order and recognition of the Illuminati.

Again, Wikipedia has a great article with close-up images of the discussed points, such as: the pyramid with all-seeing eye above it; inscription “Novus Ordo Seclorum” / “A new order of the ages”; the pyramid’s date of 1776 as the date the Illumanti were founded; the ‘owl’ in the top right-hand corner; and significance of the number 13.

9/11 & War for money

Part two goes a layer below, into how actually the new world order may be enacted through controlled events. The September 11 attacks are prominently featured as an example of an event claimed to be perpetrated by the government to create great fear, leading to a mass giving up of rights, and the enactment of totalitarian laws.

Loose Change”, a documentary now in it’s 4th major version including recuts, claims the 9/11 attacks were completely fabricated by the US Government and especially is used in this movie to claim the World Trade Center twin towers were destroyed by an explosive device rather than by the impact of an airliner.

Leading on from the WTC attacks, parallel attacks are mentioned in the context of creating a situation of fear then resolving this through reduced rights in return for greater surveillance, and in most cases, war or conflict against the alleged perpetrators of the attack.

In part one, war was claimed to be financially lucrative for particularly the Rockefeller family through Chase Bank, Standard Oil and their connections with General Electric.

As a side note not included in the film, Standard Oil, General Electric and the president of Harvard University – the recipients of a US$10million donation by David Rockefeller in 2005 – were key members of a group who met at Bohemian Grove in 1942 which subsequently led to the Manhattan Project.

World Wars

One of the claimed “false flag” attacks presented was the sinking of Lusitania in 1915, a passenger ship carrying 1,959 passengers to Britain from the USA. The Lusitania sunk off the coast of Ireland from a German U-boat’s torpedo, taking 1,198 lives. The movie makes the claim that the Lusitania secretly had explosives on board and was deliberately sailed into the danger zone to be scuttled, thereby causing American outrage at the loss of life and underhand German tactics, and giving the States a reason to enter World War I.

Standard Oil is claimed to have funded the London Blitz (German for “lightning” by the way, in reference to the “fast & quick” war theory, called Blitzkrieg).

For the same reason the movie advances the theory that the Roosevelt administration knew in advance about an imminent Pearl Harbor attack and deliberately allowed it to occur so as to enter World War II.  America was supposedly forewarned of Japanese invasion by an Australian task force.

In part three, it is claimed Hitler blew up his own parliament to gain power.


Next on the list is the Vietnam War. According to the movie, the Gulf of Tonkin incident provided the same impetus to enter the war – outrage by the American populace and legal justification to be at war.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident is factually known to be half bollocks, but the movie claims the whole event was a lie. History tells us that an American destroyer engaged three North Vietnamese torpedo boats on August 2, 1964. This first report is widely accepted. A second report was filed by the same destroyer, claiming another attack two nights later. This report has been accepted as incorrect and an NSA report released to show no such attack occurred.

President Johnson used this event to demonstrate his tough stance on Communism as it was an election year. Air strikes began on North Vietnam and America went to war.

Wikipedia states that in 1965, President Johnson commented privately: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.”

In more detail, the movie claims financial interests were again fuelled by the Vietnam War and uses the “Rules of Engagement” as a claimed example of protecting American business interests.

For more, see: Webster Tarpley’s writings; “The Power of Nightmares”, a BBC documentary film by Adam Curtis; and the 1993 comedy “Revelations” by the late Bill Hicks (he goes conspiracy-theorist in the middle).

Ramblings & RFIDs

The last part I found fairly uncoherant as presented in the film the next topics appear to be random, connected together by their contribution to a New World Order primarily through disinformation.

Al-Qa’ida was claimed to be a shill and it was considered unlikely that an organisation had cells at the ready around the world which could be called on at any time to attack.

Aaron Russo was mentioned as a friend of Nicholas Rockefeller, who apparently confided in him 11 months prior to 9/11 that an “event” would happen leading to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. A direct copy and paste from Wikipedia: ‘Russo also said that Rockefeller was part of a ruling elite whose end goal, as stated by Rockefeller himself, is “to create a one world government, where everybody has an RFID chip implanted in them”.’

RFID chips are certainly an uncomfortable concept if you associate them with the warning in Revelation.

Charlie Sheen popped up a couple of times in polls claiming over 80% of Americans believed the September 11 attacks were a conspiracy.

For more, see: www.mindcontrolinamerica.com; and “Orwell Rolls in His Grave”, a 2004 documentary by Robert Kane Pappas.

From here, the movie becomes even more disjointed. A claim is made that news media company NBC is owned by General Electric, who is large producer of arms, leading to conflicts of interest in war.

Television was apparently invented as a mass hypnotist.

The American government is claimed by Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education, to be “stupefying” schools and education systems. A quote – “Break the person’s values” – supposedly echoes Soviet education systems.

The National Education Association (NEA), who represent 3.2million teachers in the States, was apparently founded by Rockefeller who said “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.”

I couldn’t find any work to show that any member of the Rockefeller family funded, created or founded the NEA unfortunately, and the only place I could find John D. Rockefeller’s quote was on Wikiquote with no context.

The late stand-up comedian George Carlin appears in the movie to be having a particularly conspiracy-theorist moment, saying “Life is worth losing… [] …You have no choice, you have owners”.

The End is Nigh

This brought the movie to a close. Oh, and lots of David Icke. He is in every second scene by the way. The movie neglects to espouse his views on Reptilian Humanoid aliens running the earth. They can shape-shift too.

Unfortunately there was no conclusion or summary in the film to wrap things up, other than a bunch of quotes and cut interviews. So that’s what I’m leaving you with, no conclusion, no summary, you need to find truth for yourself.

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